Supporting Healthy Drink Choices

Kelston Beverages Study

The Kelston Beverages Study - is a pilot study that is trialing interventions to reduce sugary drink intake in Kelston youth. The study is a community partnered initiative that works with schools, community organisations including churches, sports clubs and community groups and the local retail sector. The study started in March 2013 and has now finished. There was an excellent response to the study with 100% of schools (6 in total) in the suburb signing up to the study. As part of the study, 910 students from years 5 - 10 completed a baseline survey that asked about consumption levels, where sugary drinks were sourced from, knowledge of the sugar content of sugary drinks, and understanding of health implications that high intake of sugary drinks have. This survey was re-administered at the completion of the interventions to assess the impact that the interventions may have had. Results of the study are pending.

More information on the Kelston Beverages Study will be uploaded soon.

To get a better understanding of the study you can also watch a short 6 minute DVD on the following link: