Supporting Healthy Drink Choices

New Zealand Beverage Guidance Panel

Currently researchers at the University of Auckland are establishing the New Zealand Beverage Guidance Panel (NZBGP). The panel will provide insight on the relative health benefits and risks of various beverage categories. The main short-term outcome of the NZBGP will be to develop a ‘Six point policy-brief’ that will offer recommendations to relevant sectors of influence. The sectors that this ‘policy-brief’ will seek to influence include: Government, Education, Industry, Advocacy, Health, and Community/NGO’s. 

The  ‘Six point policy-brief’ will be presented at the upcoming Symposium inn February 2014 for feedback from the sector. The panel will aim to produce a series of resources that outline optimal beverage intake for New Zealanders. The first of these Panels was established in the USA by Professor Barry Popkin, who is an obesity researcher and the W.R Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor of Nutrition at the University of North Carolina. Porfessor Popkin was alos a member of the Mexican Bererage Guidance Panel and has provided beverage guidance to many nations including the UK, India, Brazil, Phillipines, South Africa, China nad Russia.