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Law Professor Michael Littlewood explains how a sugar tax could be implemented

Modelling study from Mexico projects thousands of lives saved as a result of the sugary drinks tax

A radio NZ interview with one of the authors, Joanne Penko, here:'s-sugar-tax-set-to-save-19-thousand-lives-study

Recently, Andrea McDonald from Otago University has produced a comprehensive report concerning the issue of sugary drinks in the Pacific. Please follow the links below for further information:

A number of research papers appeared in an edition of 'Pacific Health Dialog', released in March 2014. Dr Gerhard Sundborn edited the edition. The articles explore different topics relating to the health and behavioural effects of sugary drink intake in New Zealand and the Pacific.

The reference for the journal is:

Pacific Health Dialog

Journal of Public Health and Clinical Medicine for the Pacific

Volume 20 Number 1: March 2014

ISSN 1015-7867

The papers may be downloaded (as pdfs) from the links below.