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Sugary drinks and health resources

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Dairies in Taranaki stop selling sugary drinks to school children!

Primary school in Otara reduces sugary drinks and saves its students' teeth

Julie Anne Genter, Green MP, challenges Jonathan Coleman about his refusal to enact a sugar tax 

Sugar and rotten teeth linked to rheumatic fever in Auckland study

Dentist Rob Beaglehole convinces the World Health Organisation to rid itself of sugary liquids...

Māori public health organisation, Hāpai Te Hauora, supports FIZZ symposium

A cafe owner refuses to sell Coke... Great move!

FIZZ issues a fresh call for a sugar tax, and an overhaul of the childhood obesity plan

Auckland Council ban sugary drinks in leisure centres

74 Professors write a letter to the Minister of health requesting a sugary drinks tax!

Britain announces sugary drinks tax! Will NZ follow suit?

The Dominion post editorial staff swing behind health warnings for sugary drinks

The murky world of academic funding from the beverage industry

Coca-Cola funding under scrutiny  

Marion Nestle on taking on big soda and winning, at Auckland University (2016)

How did Mexico enact its sugary drinks tax with such deep seated industry opposition?

Nelson Council goes sugar free

FIZZ conference 2015 in the news

Sugary drinks scrapped from NZ hospitals

Sir Peter Gluckman supportive of sugary drinks tax


Kiwi artist reveals sugar hiding in soft drinks


Paul Little: Fizzy drinks are poisoning our kids


Rob Beaglehole makes the front page of the Dominion Post, highlighting the health impact of sugary drinks

Sales of Coke and Pepsi falling in the Sydney Morning Herald

Some evidence of progress in the right direction. Sugary drinks sales falling.

NZ Herald columnist calls for Sugary drink tax

Niki Bezzant, editor-in-chief of Healthy Food Guide, calls for a sugary drinks tax in a NZ Herald column


A new campaign from the Centre for Science in the Public Interest, in the U. S. Coke, as it should have been advertised...


The Washington Post explores the pros and cons of a sugary drinks tax.


Dr Rob Beaglehole, Nelson dentist, makes the news championing the message that rotten teeth are entirely preventable, by avoiding sugar.

2015 Polyfest going sugar free! Great news!


A series of British Medical Journal articles about the influence of the sugar industry on the scientific debate surrounding the health effects of its main product.
Sugar: spinning a web of influence
Sugar's web of influence 2: Biasing the science
Sugar's web of influence 3: Why the responsibility deal is a "dead duck" for sugar reduction
Sugar's web of influence 4: Mars and company: sweet heroes or villains?


Kiwis go sour on sugar. Widespread belief among New Zealanders that sugar is a problem, reported by Southern Cross.

39% of kiwis support a sugar tax


Schools and students in the Waikato hatch a plan to restrict the sugar intake of students. Some convenience store owners sign up too.

Follow-up story here:


Principal Dental Officer for Nelson, Dr Rob Beaglehole is influencing the local Nelson council into restricting the availability of sugary drinks.


The city of Berkeley, California, passes a soda tax (November 5, 2014). Read more about how they did it here:


Mexico taxes soft drinks

South African researchers project the benefits of a sugar tax to reduce the prevalence of obesity among their population.


Northland District Healthboard removes sugary drinks from its premises.

Useful video clips:

  • Nigel Latta, psychologist and sugar skeptic comes full circle on the issue.

  • Canadian current affairs documentary about sugar

  • Professor Robert Lustig's Sugar: the bitter truth

  • Big Sugar: a documentary by Brian McKenna. (1.5 hours)

  • A spot on Campbell Live, putting sugary drinks under the spotlight.


Useful websites:

Information about sugary drinks and its marketing. Although this information is generally related to the U. S., the situation is likely to be similar in New Zealand.

Graphic information about the sugar content of common foods.


Sugary drinks in the media in New Zealand

Sugar and sugary drinks in the media overseas,0,324264.story

Overseas groups advocating for reducing sugary drinks