2017 FIZZ Conference

Taxing Sugary Drinks: An Election Issue

Auckland City Hospital, Grafton, Monday 26/06/2017
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Launch of NO Sugary Drinks Logo 11 October

This conference explored how we can move further along the road to a sugary drink free Aotearoa. Keynote speakers include Kelly Brownell, David Gillespie, Michael Littlewood and more.
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Guidance Panel

New Zealand Beverage Guidance Panel

Currently researchers at the University of Auckland are establishing the New Zealand Beverage Guidance Panel (NZBGP). The panel will provide insight on the relative health benefits and risks of various beverage categories. The main short-term outcome of the NZBGP will be to develop a ‘Six point policy-brief’ that will offer recommendations to relevant sectors of influence. The sectors that this ‘policy-brief’ will seek to influence include: Government, Education, Industry, Advocacy, Health, and Community/NGO’s. 
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Catch up with the conference talks below:

Professor Kelly Brownell's talk: Harnessing Science to Reduce SSB Consumption

David Gillespie, Australian author and lawyer, looks at the recent history of sugar control efforts.

Dr Gerhard Sundborn describes a low sugar intervention he led in Marcellin college in Auckland

Papa Nahi discusses how Maori festivals can be made sugary drink free

Dr Bodo Lang, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, launches the "No Sugary Drinks" logo.

Rochelle Newport discusses the story of the sugary drinks tax in the Cook Islands.

Niki Bezzant from the Healthy Food Guide discusses her petition for a tax on sugar sweetened beverages

Professor Tony Merriman discusses the link between sugary drinks and metabolic disease

Professor Michael Littlewood, a tax expert, considers whether sugary drinks should be taxed?

Dr Caryn Zinn discusses her work reducing sugar and carb intake in Dilworth School, Auckland

Professor Louise Signal reports on her study of the exposure of children to sugary drink advertising 

How did Tokelau become fizzy drink free? Alipate Tavite explains.

Economist Geoff Simmons considers whether it is worthwhile to tax sugary drinks or not.

Dr Os Mansoor surveys the sugary drinks policies at Wellington schools

Professor Cliona Ni Mhurchu describes her research into the effects of plain packaging, warning labels, and taxes for sugary drinks

Jonathon Moss, CEO of Frucor, discusses ways his company is reducing the sugar content of their drinks

Dr Simon Thornley, Public Health Physician, discusses his study of the effect of a low sugar school policy on dental health

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