2017 FIZZ Conference

Taxing Sugary Drinks: An Election Issue

Auckland City Hospital, Grafton, Monday 26/06/2017
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Launch of NO Sugary Drinks Logo 11 October

This conference explored how we can move further along the road to a sugary drink free Aotearoa. Keynote speakers include Kelly Brownell, David Gillespie, Michael Littlewood and more.
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Guidance Panel

New Zealand Beverage Guidance Panel

Currently researchers at the University of Auckland are establishing the New Zealand Beverage Guidance Panel (NZBGP). The panel will provide insight on the relative health benefits and risks of various beverage categories. The main short-term outcome of the NZBGP will be to develop a ‘Six point policy-brief’ that will offer recommendations to relevant sectors of influence. The sectors that this ‘policy-brief’ will seek to influence include: Government, Education, Industry, Advocacy, Health, and Community/NGO’s. 
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Catch up with the conference talks below:

Dr Kristine Madsen's presentation: SODA TAX IMPACTS

Dr Simon Thornley's presentation: NZBGP Policy Brief

Dr Tanya Major's presentation: Why we need to address sugar-sweetened beverages in gout

Kerry Allan's presentation: Shfting the culture of a school

Megan Tunks' presentation: Wai Ariki - 'a Māori response to SSBs in our communities'

Tess Clarke's presentation: Healthy Futures Through Collaboration